This piece of equipment claims to be the 60 second solution to your pelvic floor muscle problems – and our health editor recommends it

Suffering from pelvic floor problems? We may just think it’s an issue solely affecting new mums post-childbirth, however, new research claims that older women who sit for too long are also at risk.

And with lockdown practically forcing us to stay in and practice the art of sitting down, pelvic floor muscle problems could become a greater problem for women and "normal vaginas" everywhere.

Good news though! There’s a new 60-second solution in the form of The Leg Master Total Body

What is the Leg Master Total Body and what are the health benefits of using it?

It's a piece of workout equipement with an RRP of £69.99.

We’re usually sceptical when emails land in our inbox about a new piece of toning or fitness equipment but this one certainly caught our eye with it's claims: it can supposedly help tighten and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in just one minute, when used two to three times a week. It also promises a full body workout and helps to keep legs toned and trim.

Dr Margit Oepen is an obstetrician and gynecologist who has tested the device. It is unclear whether she was paid to conduct a clinical trial, but speaking of this contraption, she revealed:

‘After using the device for just one minute per day, all my patients have noticed an improved level of strength in the muscles of the legs especially those on the inside section of the upper leg muscles and also inside the pelvic area, here especially the pelvic floor.’

In turn, this has helped reduce incontinence symptoms, boosting confidence.

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The Leg Master Total Body - what our health editor thinks

Sound too good to be true? Usually, we’d agree. We have not yet tried this, but the science makes sense.

This at-home fitness device works over 200 muscles in the lower and upper body and keeps the Pelvic Floor repeatedly contracting and strengthening. As you stand on The Leg Master Total Body, your body weight actually rests on the lower section of the curved ramp, but as you lift your body weight up the ramp in a gliding movement, you work several muscles including inner and outer thighs, glutes (bottom muscles) and lower legs. It also get your abs and back working too.

Is there anything this thing doesn’t do?

Actually, The Leg Master also claims that a study has backed up the fact that using it has the same metabolic effects as fast jogging. The fact that we can use this in front of the TV, whilst wearing our house comfies, does make it slightly more appealing than a ‘fast jog’.

Where to buy a Leg Master

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NHS recommendations

The NHS recommends daily pelvic floor muscles to strengthen this area. For help and guidence visit your GP and ask for a specialist referral.

Lucy Gornall is the former Health & Fitness editor at Future and a personal trainer specializing in pre and post-natal exercise.