Best Foods For Weight Loss: What Can You Still Eat Plenty Of?


Cutting foods out of your diet is arguably one of the trickiest things about trying to lose weight. That simple saying ‘you always want what you can't have', is never more true than when we're trying to shed a few pounds.

We all know if we want to lose weight effectively, we have to cut back, eat right, and exercise. But sometimes, following that lifestyle can feel more like deprivation than a sure-fire way to making us as healthy as we can be.

But of course, there are still foods that you are freely permitted to eat in their droves - even if you are aiming to lose weight. These are the foods that are low in bad fats, low in calories, but high in all of the good stuff, so you can still eat as much of them as you like (within reason). And with a bit of luck, you'll be left feeling full and satisfied, while still able to shed those stubborn few last pounds...

Leafy greens

If you're looking for a food you can eat plenty of whilst dieting, this one is undoubtedly your best bet. Leafy greens - which include kale, swiss chards, and spinach - are full of nutritious fibre, but also of course low in calories.

Most darker leafy greens have also been shown to be particularly high in iron, which is a vital vitamin in keeping us healthy.


They look bright and colourful, but radishes aren't usually on the top of peoples ‘favourite food' list. But this food has a whole host of benefits which make it perfect for weight loss. This vegetable contains folic acid, antioxidants, and sulfur compounds that actually aid in digestion, which in turn can help to assist with weight loss.

Equally, the green tops are also worth their weight in dieting gold - so don't throw them out! They contain high levels of vitamin D and calcium, so can be a great aid to weight loss.


Like lots of other berries, blackberries are rich in health-boosting anti-oxidants, meaning they're brilliant for you. But not only that, the small and sharp fruit is excellent at tightening tissue, meaning they can even help you look younger. No need to convince us any further!

And at just 62 calories per serving, they're of course an excellent snack option to help shed the pounds.


Eggs can be an excellent food to help aid weight loss. They're very low in calories (about 78 per egg), but are full of nutrients, and will fill youup brilliantly so you're not craving bad stuff.

They're also a great source of protein, which your body is able to use to boost your metabolism - thus speeding up that all important weight loss. They'll also definitely trump your sugary cereal or fluffy croissant if you're looking for a breakfast option too...


Not only are these super low fat with only 25 calories per medium tomato, they're also brilliant at fighting against chronic diseases due to the presence of lycopene, a carotenoid, within them.

Oily fish

Unsurprisingly, oily fish, such as salmon, cod and haddock, can be brilliant for weight loss, allowing you to eat it as often as you'd like. Oily fish is super filling, so having it for dinner or in a salad for lunch means you'll be less likely to crave the bad stuff as the day goes on. The oiliness of the fish is also great for heart health - an important factor in ditching the extra weight.

Boiled potatoes

No, we're not lying to you! Surprisingly, boiled potatoes (usually without the skin), are low in calories and fat, but high in fibre, meaning that you'll get all of the energy without the sluggish feeling in your gut. Of course however, this rule doesn't apply should you turn the potatoes into chips, or slather them in mayonnaise or butter...


Because this veg is so high in water, it makes for a brilliant weight loss food, as it contains virtually no calories at all. This means you can eat as much of it as you like - with salads, or on it's own - and it can assist with your mission to shed the pounds.

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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