8 Ways To De-Stress With Mindfulness

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  • These mindfulness tips from The Mindful Manifesto will help you de-stress and re-awaken your sense of being

    Taking the wellbeing world by storm, The Mindful Manifesto by Dr Jonty Heaversedge and Ed Halliwell explains the power of mindfulness.

    A technique derived from ancient Buddhist modes of meditation, the key to mindfulness is coping with the busy world by actively doing less.

    Minfulness is about taking the time to re-tune with your body’s most basic functions. A two-minute break to focus on nothing but your breathing can radically affect stress levels, and leave you with a better sense of perspective on life.

    Over time, mindfulness extends naturally to an awareness of the body, experiences and relationships with others. Dr Jonty promises an awakened feeling of proportion, renewed perspective and above all a sense of being able to cope with the ever increasing demands of modern lifestyle. Read on now to discover the key steps to a more mindful, stress-free life…

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