5 Things You Need To Know About The Pegan Diet

The Paleo diet is the internet’s most searched diet plan. Hinged on the caveman ‘hunter gatherer’ approach, it’s a diet based on the natural foods our ancestors lived on, such as meat, fish, vegetables and nuts. Many celebrities swear by it.

The latest diet craze combines the Paleo with another way of eating – veganism. Vegans avoid any animal products or by-products. Although there is no evidence to suggest that avoiding meat aids the body, many vegans believe this way of eating gives them more energy, clearer skin and a slimmer waistline.

Now, both diets have been fused to create the Pegan diet – a high fibre plan that gives your body the best of every food group.

Considering trying the Pegan diet? Here are five things you need to know before you go Pegan…

1. The Pegan diet cherry-picks the best bits of both Paleo and vegan

You’ll be eating a 75% plant-rich plate filled with protein, good fats and grains. Gluten, dairy and sugar are off the menu. 

2. You can eat meat on the Pegan diet…

But it should be grass-fed, free-range and not eaten every day. Provenance is important – always buy from a good butcher and check the welfare standards of their farm. Caged meat and eggs just aren’t as nutritious. The Paleo diet is very meat heavy, especially red meat, so the Pegan diet is a much better option for your overall health. Pegan devotees try to eat meat as a side dish rather than the centrepiece of a main.

3. Good fats are encouraged on the Pegan diet but the bad stuff is out

Vegetable oil is a no go. Opt for satiating omega-3 fats instead – avocado, sardines and olive oil will feed your brain, hair and, some believe, burn stubborn tummy fat too.

4. You may need to take a good calcium supplement on the Pegan diet

While you can still eat meat, other animal products like milk, yoghurt and cheese are all out. These foods are a good source of calcium for strong bones, joints and teeth. As we age calcium becomes even more important, so make sure you’re getting enough by popping a calcium pill in the morning.

5. You won’t suffer from blood sugar crashes on the Pegan diet

Most crash diets fail because we don’t eat enough of the right foods so we end up feeling hungry. The Pegan diet works differently. All foods are between 55 and 60 on the Glycemic Index (GI) so your blood sugar won’t spike and crash. 

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