10 Ways To Deter Spiders From Entering Your Home


As the weather gets colder, more and more uninvited spiders are seeking sanctuary in our homes. Keep your eight-legged friends to a minimum without doing them any harm by following this advice. Arachnophobes rejoice.

Keep your home clean:

Although spiders specifically aren't attracted to dirt and mess, other creepy crawlies are, which in turn brings the spiders in. Spiders like places to hide. Keep your house as clutter free as possible and they'll have no choice but to go off in search of a more hospitable environment. Top Tip: Instead of using cardboard boxes for storage, opt for sealable plastic containers which are harder for them to enter!

Mind the gap:

Seal up your home. Spiders will make an easy job of getting in if there are multiple holes and cracks available to them. Patch them up and you will soon notice the difference, and have the added bonus of making your house less draughty too. The same can be said for any vents you have - cover them up come winter if it's safe to do so.

Essential Oils:

Spiders are sensitive to smells so hate anything strong smelling. Invest in a room spray and spritz around the room, in particular paying attention to nooks and crannies. Make your own by adding several drops of lavender, peppermint or rose flavoured oil to some water and spray away.


Another thing spiders hate is Vinegar so, as above, put half water and half white wine vinegar in a spray can and spray on areas that are prone to them. Top Tip: You'll want to avoid anything varnished as vinegar could cause it to wear away!

Get Gardening:

Planting lavender and other strong-smelling plants around your windowsill will also deter spiders entering your home - and will make your garden look great too. Also ensure that you keep leaves, grass clippings and wood piles as far away from your house as possible. Spiders are drawn to these things and might be tempted to sneak into your home in the process.

Turn Off The Lights:

Although spiders aren't drawn to light, many of the insects that they feed on are, which means they're often not far behind. Obviously we don't expect you to sit in the dark, but if you do have the lights on full, draw your curtains and keep it to a minimum.

Get Fruity:

Many people don't realise that spiders also hate citrus fruit. You can leave half a lemon by your back door but this might attract flies so the better option would be to rub a bit of lemon or lime rind along the edge of door frames and other areas they are prone to take shelter.

Cedar:Another scent that spiders hate is cedar wood. You're in luck if you already have cedar furniture or are thinking of investing but there are alternatives if not. Head to a local DIY store and buy a block that you can sand down a bit every time it stops smelling. Top Tip: Reed diffusers are also available with a cedar fragrance for a quick and easy alternative.

Collect Conkers:

Whilse not scientifically proven, conkers are said to keep spiders away. There's no rhyme or reason to it but it can't hurt to give it a go. Top Tip! Scatter them across your windowsill or other spider hot spots but DON'T if you have any pets likely to eat them. They can be poisonous.

If All Else Fails...

Sometimes, whatever we do, we can be defeated by our creepy crawly spider friends. If you have managed to be out smarted by one, make sure you have a spider friendly catcher to hand. We like the long reach ones like this one (opens in new tab) from Amazon, which will ensure you don't have to be too close to catch it. Top Tip: Don't let them free in close proximity to your house, however tempting it is. It is likely that it will head back inside straight away. Once caught, head to the other end of the garden to let it out and hope it doesn't find its way back.

Good luck!

Charlotte Tonry was Social Media Editor at womanandhome.com, taking care of the brand's Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest channels, before moving to Marks & Spencer to become their Social Media Manager for clothing and homes.