You Can Now Have Wine Delivered Through Your Letterbox, And Here’s How…

Sometimes you just need a glass of wine, and fast. Thankfully for us all some clever people have come up with a solution to empty wine cupboards all over the country with a new wine club subscription service.

The Garcon Wine Club posts specially designed bottles of wine straight through your letterbox so that regularly when you return home you’ll have a lovely new tipple to try, instead of just that usual pile of bills. They describe their bottles as ‘postbox friendly’ and have worked hard on a new shape that is thinner and longer making it easy to squeeze through and onto your doormat. Because of obvious hazardous potential they’ve had to change the usual glass to plastic but have made it thick and ‘glass-like,’ they say, to keep offerings ‘stylish and unique’.

The bottles, which look a little like olive oil bottles, also easily stack beside each other on a shelf thanks to their flat sides – meaning your wine shelf capacity will increased (only a good thing we imagine).

The service isn’t just a gimmick though. The team behind the concept are true wine aficionados who source different varieties of red, white and rose from around the world to deliver premium wine straight to your door. Making up the Garcon list of employees are three friends Rachel, Joe and Santiago who describe themselves as ‘partners in wine’.

The trio actually won a TV programme called Pop Up Start Up on CNBC to fund their inventive idea. Described as a mix between The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den the team had to go through a series of challenges to secure their place as winners. The prize was £20K which they’ve invested in getting their concept just right, so we can all enjoy a little more wine!

Subscriptions are going to start from around £10 a month for one bottle and you are free to leave at any time. Garcon wines are hoping to get their first deliveries out by March, so pop the date in your calendar.