What Will William And Catherine Be Eating On The Royal Tour?

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  • A feast awaits the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their royal tour of India and Bhutan, but what might they be eating along the way? William and Catherine will visit some of the countries’ most iconic spots during their trip, starting in Mumbai and culminating in a stop-off at the Taj Mahal – just as Princess Diana did in 1992. As with any visit, food will no doubt be an important part of the experience – and a fantastic way to get to know each area better.

    So far, William has made his own dosa, similar to a pancake, and called it “delicious”.

    So which other dishes are William and Catherine likely to be greeted with?


    First stop on the royal tour is Mumbai, which is a coastal city, with plenty of fresh fish coming in every day. The royals might get to enjoy a local street food delicacy called fish koliwada, which are expertly seasoned fish bites that are battered and deep-fried.

    Street food is extremely popular in this area. Vada pav, or potato cakes with coriander and spices make a delicious bite and are one of the most commonly enjoyed vegetarian nibbles in a region where vegetarian food is widely consumed.

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    New Delhi 

    After Mumbai, the Duke and Duchess will be heading to New Delhi, where one of the most popular delicacies is a flatbread called paratha, most commonly stuffed with mashed potato and eaten for breakfast. There are plenty of variations and can be stuffed with fillings such as cheese, spiced egg, chickpeas or lentils.

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    Kaziranga National Park

    Next up, the royals will visit Kaziranga National Park in the state of Assam, in hilly northeast India. To the south of the eastern Himalayas, fish sourced from the Brahmaputra River is often eaten in this region. Here, locals will cook with any of the local fish – tenga, paatotdia or puthi maas, prepared in a curry with tomatoes and local herbs and spices.

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    Bhutan is small landlocked country that borders India and China and because of the high altitude, red rice and buckwheat are staple ingredients as they are easy to grow there.

    The national dish of Bhutan is called ema datshi and it’s made of large, spicy green chillies in a cheese sauce and served with red rice. It’s both creamy and spicy; the perfect dish for someone who loves hot food. 

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    The final place the royals will visit is the Taj Mahal in the Agra region. Here, the foods and flavours are the ones that we most commonly associate with India; the creamy, rich curries with plenty of spices, ground nuts and dried fruit.

    Here, William and Catherine might get to enjoy a classic butter chicken, freshly baked naan and maybe even a cooling lassi (a yogurt-based drink that’s blended with fruit to either balance the meal or enjoyed afterwards) to finish off their meal.

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    The royals are in for a real feast! It’s enough to want to make us book a trip there ourselves…

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