What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

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  • Health fads come and go, but one that seems to have stuck around (and continues to divide opinion) is bulletproof coffee. Singer Ed Sheeran is a fan and only last week, American pop star Justin Bieber was pictured with a cup. On Instagram, the hashtag #bulletproofcoffee has had more than 62,000 posts. So what is bulletproof coffee? Well, it’s very simple really: freshly brewed coffee, butter and coconut oil. Intrigued? So were we, so we decided to give it a go in the test kitchen.

    What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

    Quite simply, bulletproof coffee is coffee blended with grass-fed butter (such as Kerrygold) and coconut oil. For a regular-sized mug of coffee, you’ll need 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter and the same amount of coconut oil (the original recipe calls for Upgraded Octane Oil, but we used coconut oil), which you whizz together in a blender with freshly brewed coffee for about 2 minutes, until the coffee has a nice frothy top to it.

    Why Would You Want Butter In Your Coffee?

    This is, of course, the burning question. The trend was started by an American fitness guru Dave Asprey, who created the Bulletproof Diet. He would drink yak-butter tea at high altitude in Tibet, which is claimed to give you a prolonged and more intense caffeine hit, as well as having weightloss qualities. Drinking butter might not seem like the most conducive way to losing weight, but bulletproof coffees are said to stave off hunger, and the claim is that a couple of them a day is enough to keep you sustained and energised.

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    What Is Bulletproof Coffee Like?

    We had to give it a go for ourselves. It has to be said, there was a lot of scepticism among the food team beforehand, but gave it a fair go. The bulletproof coffee looked like milky coffee with a frothy top, but once the foam melted away, a closer look showed a fatty layer – and reminder that we were drinking coffee and butter. But it tasted like a very, very creamy latte with a hint of coconut. The strangest thing was the fact that it left our lips feeling greasy for a long while after we had finished the coffee.

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    What Did The Food Team Think?

    It’s an interesting concept and has a pleasant taste, but we couldn’t get past the sight of the fatty film and the thought that we were drinking butter. On the plus side, you’ll save money on lip balm…

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