Sausage Recipes

Sausage recipes range from barbecue hero to midweek staple, so whether you're pressed for time and feeding a crowd or looking to impress, find the best recipes to bring out the the most of this humble meat

Sausage Recipes

From chipolatas and chorizo to plain pork and the poshest butcher’s
special, sausages are a cornerstone of some of our favourite recipes.

through for our top sausage recipes for great meal ideas like a
hearty sausage casserole or herby toad in the hole. Alternatively, make
your own sausages or serve up our sausage rolls with a tantalising twist
to impress guests at a dinner party.

Our lemon chicken with sausage and garlic is a weeknight winner as it’s really easy to make and when everything’s cooked in the same pot the chicken can absorb the delicious flavour of the sausage and other ingredients.

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