Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed lunches don't have to be mundane - find a new fix that will fuel you through your working day

Stuck for packed lunch ideas? Look no further – lunchtime doesn’t have to be boring or limited to a white bread ham sandwich, we’ve got plenty of quiches, salads, savoury tarts, and open sandwiches for you to try this week.

Our goats’ cheese and roasted red pepper tart (pictured) is the perfect lunchbox filler as it’s really delicious, filling and a lot less carb-heavy than a sandwich. The filling is intensely creamy and the fact that the peppers have been roasted means that they are really sweet and are perfectly complemented by the Parmesan and goats’ cheese. This is the sort of lunch that you need to make the previous day, though so it does require a little forethought, but the good thing is that the flavour only improves the longer you leave it. So by the time you get to enjoy this tart at lunchtime the next day, it’ll be an absolute dream.

Salads are also a great option for your lunchbox. Our roasted squash and goats’ cheese salad with breadcrumbs is really easy to throw together first thing in the morning after having roasted the squash the night before.

The same goes for our quinoa salad with chickpeas, soy beans and poached chicken. This recipe can easily be made with any leftover chicken you have from a Sunday roast, so it’s ideal for a Monday when you need a bit of a boost at work. Plus, quinoa is super healthy and is sure to make the start of your week a little brighter.

If you fancy something new for lunch this week try our Greek dolmades recipe, scotch eggs, a quiche, tart or salad recipe. Lunchtimes never have to be boring again with all this inspiration so there’s no excuse to try something new this week!

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