Kale Recipes

Kale recipes for a healthy meal, including Lorraine pascale's pan-fried kale recipe, chorizo, chickpea and kale stew and salmon and kale filo pie

Kale is the superfood everyone’s been talking about recently. Considering its nutritional benefits, we’re not surprised. From the same family as cabbage, kale is packed full of vitamins K, A, C, fiber and iron (among others) and its risk-lowering benefits have been extended to include more than 5 different types of cancer.

Not only is it bursting with health benefits, kale is also a very versatile vegetable – perfect as either a side dish to grilled meat or fish, in soups or as the base for salads.

The reasons for using kale in your cooking, however, extend beyond its health benefits; in season for 8 months out of the year (between June and February), it’s a low-cost way to get all the goodness your body needs to get you through the winter months in particular.

There are several varieties of kale although the kind you are most likely to find in the supermarkets is curly kale which is deep green in colour (sometimes it is purple) and has ruffled leaves. It is usually quite fibrous in texture, particularly the stalks which may need to be torn off, but it will soften when it is cooked.

The easiest way to prepare your kale is to steam it – this takes no longer than 5 minutes and once you have seasoned it well, it’s the ideal accompaniment to most meat and fish. If you’re looking to do something a little different with it, however, then why not try our delicious beetroot, kale and feta salad (pictured). The colours in the salad are warm and wintry and it makes for a light, warm lunch on a cold day.

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