How To Make Perfect Mash

Learn how to make lump-free, perfectly seasoned mash every time with our step-by-step instructions and video. It’s easy when you know how with these tricks. Making perfect mash might seem pretty straightforward but to get it absolutely spot on, you need the right technique.

Watch our video and see for yourself just how quickly and easily you can make lump-free, expertly seasoned mash. woman&home’s food director Jane Curran takes you through the steps so you can get it right every time.


To begin with, you need to get your hands on a food mill. This is ideal
for pureeing the potato and getting it to the right consistency. Next,
you need the right potato. You need for it to be perfectly floury and
not waxy at all, so choose the King Edward variety.

Steam your peeled potatoes in a steamer until soft and ready for mashing. Tip them into the food mill – the trick with the food mill is to turn the handle in one direction three times, and then in the other direction once to keep it from getting clogged up. Keep doing this until all the potato has passed through into the bowl below. It’ll be perfectly smooth and ready to add the other ingredients.

Once all the potato has been mashed, the next step is to add melted butter and milk. Ensure that they’re hot and that the butter is fully melted. This will allow them to smoothly come together with the potato for the ideal consistency. Don’t be shy with them either; make sure to use plenty to get the mash really silky and delicious.

To finish off, add a pinch of sea salt and voila! Perfect mash every time.