Houmous Shortage Leaves Shoppers Dismayed

In a dramatic turn of events, supermarket dip displays have been left nearly empty as the country has been struck by a houmous shortage.

The crisis surrounding the delicious chickpea dip came after customers
complained on Twitter of the houmous bought in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and M&S
tasting ‘metallic’ and ‘peculiar’, resulting in supermarkets recalling their own-brand supplies.

Middle Eastern food lovers across the country have taken to Twitter to vent their dismay, after finding shelves bare at both Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer. One unhappy customer found her weekend ‘ruined’ by the lack of houmous in her local Sainsbury’s. Some bereft chickpea fans have made the issue political, while others are trying to work out how long they can stretch out the leftover houmous in the fridge without knowing when they can buy more. The severity of this tragedy really hit home when one houmous lover described the situation as ‘bigger than the courgette shortage’.


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Britain is thought to be the houmous capital of the continent, with over 40% of households having a tub of it in their fridge according to The Guardian. The paper have also previously reported that Britons spend a whopping £60m on the tasty dip every year.

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Fear not, your crudités won’t have to go bare and your pittas needn’t dry out, because we have a whole host of delicious houmous recipes to get you through this difficult time.

It is so cheap and easy to make at home, that you may never want to return to shop bought again. All you need to make your own simple houmous is chickpeas, tahini, water, lemon and garlic. But if you’re feeling particularly fancy, you may want to try some twists on the classic recipe, like this lemon and coriander houmous or this red pepper houmous.