Healthy Pasta Recipes

Healthy pasta recipes like seafood linguine, courgette and hazelnut orecchiette and plenty more make you feel like you're indulging but are actually super healthy

Healthy pasta recipes can be a midweek staple and the fab thing about these recipes is that they are lighter, packed with vegetables and won’t
call for hours in the kitchen. 

You might never have realised
that pasta recipes can actually be healthy, but we have picked out healthy pasta recipes that’ll show you just how easy it is to enjoy your favourite
food guilt-free.

Our storecupboard spaghetti puttanesca recipe
is perfect for a midweek evening; simply serve up with a green salad.
Or, if you fancy a midweek treat, tuck into crab, chilli and
tomato linguine. Oven-dried tomato and pasta
salad is always a hit when feeding a crowd.

This French tuna Nicoise pasta salad
has only 274 calories per serving, which makes it ideal for when you’re
on a diet but fancy something filling and delicious. It has plenty of
protein in it from the tuna and the egg, as well as loads of veg, which
means that it’s not too carb-heavy. We think you should be able to enjoy
the things you love and this way you don’t have to cut carbs out as
they are complimented by so many other ingredients that are good for

Some of these pasta dishes make really great picnic food, so
when the weather permits, or if you’re having a barbecue, why not make
up our roasted veg and tzatziki recipe – it makes a great side to meat
or it’s also ideal on its own. The same goes for our pasta and feta
salad with roasted veg.

We’ve got plenty of healthy pasta
recipes for you to try. There’s
something for each night of the week and even for the weekend when you
have a little more time or fancy a bit of a treat.

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