Gin cocktails

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  • Gin cocktail recipes including a Clover Club cocktail, gin and tonic lollies, an appletini and a gin and green tea cocktail

    Gin is the key to so many cocktails. If you love to mix up drinks for friends and family, then you’ll know that a bottle of gin is an essential ingredient for your drinks cabinet or bar cart. This strong, clear spirit is the key to a classic martini, not to mention a well-mixed gimlet, a Negroni or a simple gin and tonic.
    Bartenders and mixologists love gin because it’s so versatile and works in lots of different drinks. Lots of famous cocktails, including the Singapore Sling, the Clover Club and the French 75 have gin as their base. So if you’ve got a bottle (or two) of gin in the cupboard, but always mix up the same thing, why not seek some inspiration from our collection of gin cocktail recipes?

    A little gin goes a long way, which is why mixing up some gin cocktails for a dinner party or small do at home can be better value than stocking up on wine. Get friends to join in with the muddling and shaking, to turn your evening into a fun DIY cocktail-making party.
    If you love a classic gin and tonic, why not ring the changes with one of our easy G&Ts with a twist. We’ve got a delicious pink grapefruit gin and tonic, which is perfect for serving pre-dinner with bowls of toasted nuts with rosemary and sea salt. Our Gin&Tea cocktail is ideal for impressing foodie friends. It pairs gin with a delicate green tea syrup.
    Who says gin cocktails have to be served in a glass? Cool down with one of our gin and tonic ice lollies on a hot summer’s evening. On a similar theme, try our boozy blueberry, elderflower and gin lollies for a summer party or barbecue.

    If you fancy adding a few more famous gin cocktails to your repertoire,try our simple Clover Club recipe (pictured) for starters. This classic gin cocktail from the US was popular in the years before Prohibition. It’s a frothy mixture of gin, raspberries, egg whites, lemon juice and sugar, served in a martini glass.
    Click through our collection of gin cocktails to see which of these creative concoctions take your fancy…