8 Food Trends For 2016

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  • What will be the hot new trends in food and drink for 2016? However hip and niche these trends start out, they have a tendency to become more mainstream. In the next 12 months, get set for a new round of booster shots for your smoothies, drinking vinegars and “hot smoothies” among the things that the food scene will be getting excited about.

    Here, Food Director Jane Curran has some top tip-offs for the year ahead.

    1. Healthy nut butters

    Move over peanut butter, here come almond, three-nut and cashew butters. High in protein and usually gluten-free with no added sugar, this is vegan heaven and an easy way to add those essential proteins to smoothies, on toast or even in porridge.

    2. Sriracha

    A chilli sauce from Thailand made from chillies, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt, sriracha is often served as a dip with spring rolls or added to soups and stir-fries. Mixed with honey or maple syrup, it makes a great sweet chilli marinade for chicken.

    3. Hot smoothies 

    A good marketing name for a soup! Loaded with all sorts of vegetables, which you puree in your NutriBullet or Vitamix (2015’s big trend), it’s beloved of the “clean eating” brigade, fresh food without additives, gluten, sugar, dairy… You get the idea.

    Psst! Get in on the trend with our soup recipes.

    4. Drinking vinegars

    Spotted in trendy New York bars and gourmet delis – and some hipster spots in East London – drinking vinegars are known as “shrubs” in the US. They date back to colonial times, when vinegar, usually cider vinegar, was mixed with fresh fruit and sugar. Great with soda water as a non-alcoholic drink, but spotted in cocktails too.

    5. Bone broth

    Stock with knobs on, experts say it’s simmered for way longer than a stock with more savoury notes but I remain unconvinced! For centuries, we have known the restorative qualities of a great stock – Jewish penicillin, anyone? But hey, those on their Paleo diets are happy to pay a small fortune for a cup. My tip? Make your own!

    For something restorative, try making this winter chicken soup recipe.

    6. The new booster shots

    Forget common-or-garden ginger added to your super-healthy soya milk smoothie or 6-vegetable restorative. Now hipster juice bars are adding “bois bande”, a tree bark with an aphrodisiac reputation, bee pollen, sea moss, spirulina and a few others I couldn’t even find on Google!

    Experiment with your own smoothies but first, try our Nutribullet recipes.

    7. Smokin’

    Thankfully, not the fag-end version… but we are all loving the flavours of the Deep South with slow-cooked, smoky meats often with a sweet, salty taste on top. You’ll be seeing a lot more of the American South this year.

    Try this Texan-style BBQ brisket recipe and you’ll know what all the fuss is about.

    8. Brazilian wine

    So you thought Brazil was all about caiparinhas and beach-beautiful bodies? Down in the South of the country, you have a much cooler climate, well-suited to wine grapes. As time goes on, quality will improve, but they are making some half-decent fizz, just in time for the Rio Olympics.

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