Chicken Thigh Recipes

Chicken thigh recipes that will be a midweek staple, including Korean-style marinated chicken with noodles, harissa chicken with chickpea salad or a one pot chicken bake with chorizo and kale

Chicken Thigh Recipes

Chicken thigh recipes are a midweek staple that the whole family will love and our pick of recipes includes Korean-style marinated chicken thighs with noodles, an easy one pot chicken bake with chorizo and kale and buttermilk crispy baked chicken.

Chicken thighs are not only really tender and moist, they’re really flavoursome and they’re a lot cheaper than chicken breasts. They’re fattier than the breast, but this is where their flavour comes from and they make a great addition to most curries. Chicken thighs work well in stews and are ideal slow cooked, as the meat becomes super tender – it pretty much falls off the bone and melts in the mouth.

This Chinese five-spice chicken recipe with honey and soy sauce makes a delicious dinner with stir-fried sweet corn – and you won’t believe it’s under 500 calories!

Slow cook your chicken thighs in our one pot chicken curry recipe, or enjoy them in the form of our lightened-up southern fried chicken with rosemary. This is a real favourite and you can rest assured this take on fried chicken is as healthy as you can get it. Whatever you love, you’ll find your perfect chicken thigh recipes in our reicpe collection.

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