Chicken Breast Recipes

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  • Chicken breast recipes are a midweek staple, including simple chicken salads, paella, chicken burgers and easy tray bakes

    Chicken breasts recipes are an everyday staple; chicken breasts are a good source of lean protein that is endlessly versatile but often we end up cooking the same old recipes midweek out of habit. We’ve put together a collection of our favourite chicken breast recipes, influenced by dishes from around the world, to help inspire you in the kitchen.

    From super-healthy poached chicken with quinoa salad, chickpeas and soy beans to spicy piri-piri recipes; creamy coconut curries to marinades perfect for barbecuing; and refreshing Thai salads to full-flavoured broths, our pick of chicken breast recipes will see you right through the seasons!It’s lovely to have a midweek roast all cooked in one roasting tin. This sticky chicken and chorizo traybake (pictured) is a slightly spicy take on the traditional. There’s nothing nicer than having all ingredients cook in one roasting tin as this means you can leave it in the oven whilst you get on with something else and what’s even better, the sweet and spicy juices from the chorizo cook the chicken breast in the most amazing way.

    For something a little lighter, we have plenty of chicken breast salad recipes that you can enjoy for lunch during the week or even for supper. If you’ve made a roast over the weekend and there’s some chicken breast left, it’s ideal in a lot of our recipes if you shred it and throw it into a salad.

    Chicken breasts cook really quickly and are such a versatile ingredient that can be added to so many simple recipes. Friends and family will love our chicken and udon noodle broth, and this is a great option when preparing lunch for a small group as you can easily make enough by scaling up slightly.

    If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then we have plenty more recipes to choose from, from chicken paella to Asian-influenced dishes and so many other fragrant and delicious dishes.

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