3 Brazilian Recipes For An Olympics-Inspired Feast

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  • Brazilian recipes are full of vibrant colours, explosive flavours and wonderful textures. We’ve rounded up three of our favourite Brazilian recipes to get you in the spirit of this summer’s Olympic games!

    Brazilian cuisine gets its influences from Europe, Africa and America which makes it very unique, colourful and full of exciting and intersting flavours. Although dishes vary from region to region, fish and seafood are commonly used in Brazilian recipes as there’s a huge coastline where fresh fish and shellfish are brought in from.

    Find out how to make some classic Brazilian dishes that’ll give you a taste of something a bit more exotic!

    1. Moqueca Brazilian Coconut Prawn Stew

    This moqueca Brazilian coconut prawn stew is a recipe from Northern Brazil and is a fab way with your favourite seafood. You can enjoy this stew with some nice warm flatbread and you could even add in mussels if you’d like. It’s got the perfect amount of heat in it, but this can be scaled up or down depending on how much you can handle!

    This stew only takes 45 minutes to make which means it’s perfect any night of the week. It’s even smart enough to be dished up at a dinner party with some wonderful bread!

    2. Caipirinha Coctail

    The caipirinha is the Brazilian national cocktail, made with their native liquor, Cachaça. Cachaça is distilled from sugar cane and it goes so well with limes over ice and a bit of sugar syrup. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, and this cocktail is the perfect example of that.

    You can easily make a jug of this to keep people’s glasses topped up – just make sure you’ve stocked up on limes!

    3. Salpicão

    This colourful salad is one of the most popular dishes in Brazil and it’s not hard to see why. Usually this Salpicão will require ham and chicken, but this recipe uses smoked chicken which adds an unusual but really lovely flavour. This recipe is ideal for a picnic or even a barbecue – particularly if you’re catering for a big group, as people can just serve themselves.

    Make sure you’ve made enough though, guests will be going back for seconds!Save