Beef Mince Recipes

Beef mince recipes to make the most of this versatile ingredient including homemade burgers, a healthier take on cottage pie and beef and Chianti lasagne

Find new ways with beef mince with our easy mince recipes, from the ultimate burger to a healthier take on cottage pie homemade burgers. Minced beef is such a versatile ingredients and makes a delicious base for many comfort food classics, including lasagne, chilli con carne and spaghetti Bolognese.
Our pick of mince beef recipes are so easy to put together and even if they take a little while to cook, they are really worth the time effort as the mince takes on all the richness of the flavours.

This ragu recipe takes only half an hour to make, which means it’s a really great midweek meal choice. The mixture of beef and pork mince means that there’s added flavour to it, and the addition of milk – although it might sound like a bit of an choice, really softens the texture of the mince.

These recipes are great for when you’re expecting a big crowd round, as once the prep is done, it’s a simple case of getting the dish in the oven and relaxing. Many of the recipes can be made in advance and simply heated up when you’re ready and in fact, many even taste better the next day – so make more than you need and save the rest for a delicious lunch.

Our selection is a mix of traditional recipes and new exciting flavours you might not have thought to use, adding an interesting twist to the dishes we know and love.

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