Marks and Spencer is selling £2 ‘panapés’ for Pancake Day – and they're adorable!

Woman eating pancakes

If you’re not sure what to do for Pancake Day this year, you might be interested to hear Marks and Spencer is selling mini pancakes for a very reasonable price, and they look delicious!

Perhaps getting all the ingredients for making your own batch of pancakes is not so appealing, but you still want to join in with the pancake fun on Shrove Tuesday.

Well Marks and Spencer is offering an easy way to enjoy pancakes by selling a pack of 24 mini pancakes for only £2. What a steal!

There’s no need to mess up your kitchen with flour and eggs with these fun little pancakes which can be enjoyed with a range of toppings.

The mini pancakes have been appropriately named ‘panapés’ and according to the popular food retailer, are ideal for ‘the ultimate pancake party.’

Marks and Spencer Dessert Product Developer, Daniel Fletcher, said, “We’re famous for our canapés and customers love our ready-made pancakes so we decided to combine the two! Us Brits love having friends and family round to toss a pancake or two. We’ve done all the hard-work for you, so all you need to do is pick-up everyone’s favourite toppings and pop open a bottle of Prosecco!”

That does sound like a lovely way to celebrate Pancake Day…

The pancakes are described as light and fluffy and they certainly look moreish.

What’s really exciting about the mini pancakes compared to larger pancakes is you can enjoy even more toppings! You could stick to classics such as syrup and chocolate, or you could try something new and mix it up.

If you’re struggling to decide what toppings to go for, you might be tempted by Marks and Spencer’s lemon, gin and tonic sauce. You can read more here.

Marks and Spencer's mini pancakes are only £2, which is quite the bargain considering you get 24 in a packet!

The mini pancakes are only available in stores so if you fancy tucking into some panapés this year, you'll need to nip to your nearest store.

Will you be serving panapés at your pancake party this year?

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