Pesto eggs, TikTok's new viral dish, will be your go-to brunch this summer

Pesto eggs? TikTok users really do think of everything!

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Do you have a whisk handy? Pesto eggs, TikTok's new cooking phenomenon, is sweeping skillets across the country. If you're looking to take a typical brunch staple to new levels, now is the time to explore social media's latest trend. 

TikToker @amywilichowski has enlightened chefs to this clever hack and raked in over 10 million views for her breakfast handiwork. Rather than use butter or oil when making eggs, she suggests swapping in a dollop of pesto. 

"The oil in the pesto will keep the eggs from sticking to the pan," Amy says in her now-viral video. "The taste is incredible—you won’t go back."

Watch the pesto eggs TikTok and copy this tutorial at home


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Amy ups the ante with a few add-on ingredients. The egg—which can be scrambled, sunnyside up, or however you prefer— is placed atop of toast that is coated with ricotta and avocado, glazed with honey, and sprinkled with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. A breakfast cocktail is not required to enjoy the meal but is highly encouraged. (Saint Lucia Rum Punch, anyone?) 

Plus, there's plenty of room for creativity with pesto eggs. Bacon, pesto egg, and cheese is a sumptuous take on a common order, and the ricotta in Amy's original video can be replaced with other spreads. She also opts for lemon dill hummus.


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This trendy and delicious dish is perfect for this time of year. Al fresco dining is making its return, and you'd be remiss not to enjoy brunch on the patio with loved ones and this restaurant-quality meal. 

While you're scoping out social media for game-changing recipes, be sure to invest in this viral TikTok kitchen utensil—the Joseph Joseph spatula has five-in-one capabilities that allows cooks to flip, scoop, slice, spread, and strain, which is undoubtedly handy when prepping pesto eggs. 

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