The Tech Watches That Do So Much More

A watch isn’t just a useful piece of wristwear, or a fashion statement. Oh no. Today’s watches do so much more than just tell the time: they send you emails, track your activity and even monitor your sleep.

But how do you know if you want to upgrade? With so many new styles out there, we’ve narrowed the selection down to make choosing a smart watch as easy as, well, telling the time!

The Apple Watch 

From £299, Apple.

Perhaps the most popular choice, this watch comes in multiple styles and colourways. Why would you choose it? If you already have an iPhone, chances are you know your way around the Apple system, and this is kind of like wearing your phone on your wrist. Get emails and notifications delivered instantly, and track your daily activity. You can also control music using just your voice, and use it to pay for items. Essentially, it will streamline your life.

Mondaine Smartwatch

Available at selected retailers – find out more.

The Mondaine Smartwatch is a great option if you’re particularly active, or want to be. You can set goals and see your progress. It also tracks your sleep pattern, which is particularly handy if you want to understand why you’re not sleeping well. Plus, we love the simple, sleek design.

Tag Heuer Connected Watch


£1,100, Beaverbrooks

This watch is particularly loved by those in the know when it comes to technology. It comes equipped with directional wind and weather monitoring, Google fit, Bluetooth connectivity and thousands of apps to download. It’s hardwearing, too – water-resistant, scratch-resistant and with a protection on the dial. It’s an investment that will last and last.  

The HUAWEI Watch


£289, HUAWEI 

This watch is design-focused, so it looks beautiful but is hugely functional, too. It pairs with your phone to count your steps and track your fitness precisely, without the bulky design of some fitness watches. You’ll get notifications sent from your phone, and it’s easy to download apps to. A great option if you want a stylish but practical design.