Small Heels With Small Prices: The Best Mid-Height Heels

We all know the leg-lengthening potential of a pair of heels, but save your feet by choosing a pair you can truly walk all day in...

Heels complete any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a smart black pencil skirt or tailored cigarette pant, heels can be the centrepiece of your ensemble. While high heels may look and feel fabulous when you try your outfit on in your bedroom, we all know that once you’ve been walking round the office for a few hours, they soon start to rub or give you back ache. The ingenious solution? Mid-height heels. They have all the glamour and elegance of higher heels but without the aches and pains. In an array of styles, colours and shapes to suit your style and outfits, once you’ve worn a pair, you won’t go back!

They are great for those day into evening outfits because you can smarten up a mid heel for work with tailored trousers or a shirt and then jazz it up in the evening by teaming them with black jeans or a dress.

They are also the perfect option for occasion wear. With the winter wedding season fast-approaching we all want to look our best, so of course we need functional fashion in the form of comfortable heels – not a skyscraper heels that rub. Mid-height heels will ensure you look fabulous whilst still having all the comfort of a flat shoe.

There are so many styles on the high street so if you’re looking for the best mid-height heel, either to see you through the working week or for that extra special occasion, then why not take your outfit to the high street and try it on with a selection? In the meantime, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourites for you to feast your eyes on.

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