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Style guru Gok Wan, from How to Look Good Naked, gives his tips for feeling confident and looking sexy whatever your body shape

How to look good...

When you’re pear shaped

Or a “Juicy Girl”, as I call you. If you’re carrying more weight on the bottom, you want to make your shoulders look as broad as your hips. Wear halter necks and capped sleeves – they will make your top seem broader. Anything that exposes your shoulders and chest area will take attention away from the bottom to up there.

When you’ve got big boobs

Get them out, I say! You can do it without looking too obvious. Wear deep V-necks and balcony bras to give them the best shape. Even if you’re on the large side, don’t be afraid of using chicken fillets to give you the right cleavage.

When you’re an apple shape

Or a “Sexy Broad”, as I call you. This shape is the hardest to dress, but I’ve never met a Sexy Broad who couldn’t get curves with good underwear. Invest in a pair of toning shorts, which will give support from the knees upwards, around your bottom, and hold in your tummy, plus a boosting, underwired bra.

When you’re worried about bingo wings

This is one of the most common complaints I hear. But while you’re obsessing about it, I guarantee that 99 per cent of all the women in your vicinity are doing the same. Wear capped sleeves, boleros or cardigans.

When you’re conscious of your stomach I love bellies. I think there’s nothing sexier than a Roland Mouret Galaxy dress with a hint of a tummy. If you really want to conceal it, try minimising pants, with a strong panel of elastic.

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