Fedora Hats To Instantly Update Your Look

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  • Fedora hats have the power to turn any outfit from drab to fab in seconds. Check out our pick of the best high street hats this season...

    Fedora hats always look so stylish, but can be a bit intimidating to
    wear at first – what do you pair it with and will a fedora make you
    stand out too much?

    However, we’ve recently been spotting fedora
    hats everywhere – from celebrities showing off their autumn style to
    women in the street looking fabulous – and we’re feeling inspired. Far
    from looking too ‘over-the-top’, fedora hats are fashionable and
    fabulous and can give your look an instant stylish upgrade. This By Malene Birger Miljas Wool Hat looks fab with a comfortable embellished knit.

    trick with wearing fedora hats is making sure that it forms part of
    your look, and doesn’t just look like a last minute add-on. That’s why
    it’s worth investing in one that you’ll feel comfortable in and that can
    work with a variety of outfits.

    The great thing about fedoras
    is that with so many different styles and colours out there, you’ll be
    able to find your perfect hat for any occasion. You can also use a
    fedora to flatter your face shape. Floppy ridges will soften out any
    edges which is great for square shaped faces, while taller fedoras will
    lengthen a round face. Got an oval face? Lucky you – most hat styles
    will look great on you. Long faces should steer away from fedoras with
    too much height and look for full or upturned brims to add width.

    only are fedora hats effortlessly stylish, but they’re also real
    saviours when you’re having a bad hair day! Simply pop onto your head,
    tuck your hair underneath and voila – instant glamour and no one will

    Check our favourite fedora hat options, plus get tips on
    how to wear them so that you can embrace the trend and turn heads