French women are buying these four items for summer

If you’re looking for the most quintessentially Parisian store there is, thenSézane (opens in new tab) is it. So, if you’re also wondering how French women are styling themselves this summer, all you need to look at is what they’re buying here – and my sources there tell me there are four specific items that keep selling out. Literally within hours or days.

But first off, there’s on thing you need to know about French style: it’s not about following trends. Sézane founder Morgane explains, "We always want to create pieces that can be transmitted infinitely. Our collections can be worn every day but also for every occasion in life.. we will always favour quality over quantity and difference by creating many references each season, to dress all women."

Shop now:Paula short for £85 from Sézane (opens in new tab)

Shop now:Sergio t-shirt for £50 from Sézane (opens in new tab)

Shop now:Tomboy shirt for £80 from Sézane (opens in new tab)

Shop now:Grace dress for £130 from Sézane (opens in new tab)

With that in mind, Parisian women are stocking up on simple denim shorts, plain t-shirts, embroidered shirts and a little white dress for summer.

In those four items, you’ve got your basic seasonal wardrobe covered, and all you need to do is mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

For extra sartorial points, Morgane recommends, ‘A pretty scarf tied in the hair, a nice basket to wear both in town and on the beach and a very comfortable linen dress with a vintage belt’. Sorted.

From our sister site, Marie Claire. Written by Penny Goldstone.