8 Fashion Myths To Forget

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  • Throw out the old-fashioned style rulebook, and try something new - with the fashion myths it's time to break...

    We’re all guilty of following them – those style myths that have been
    drummed into us from a young age. Well, now it’s time to break tradition
    and tear up the old fashion rulebook!

    Contrary to popular
    belief, clashing colours can actually look great. And showing some skin
    no matter what your age? Of course you can! In fact, there isn’t a style
    rule you can’t break if you go about it in the right way. It’s all in
    the confidence and how your wear it, and our fabulous readers are great examples.

    This season, we’re all about navy. Not only is it less draining than
    black, it adds a modern spin on an otherwise boring outfit. But just
    because you’re wearing one dark colour, doesn’t mean you have to steer
    clear from black. In fact, pairing them will actually make you look
    totally on-trend. Why not start by styling up your navy work suit with a black coat? An easy transition, and you’ll feel instantly fabulous.

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    made some of the trends you never thought you could wear work for them,
    and then follow their lead…