How to curl hair

VIDEO: How To Curl Hair Using Tongs

Have you ever tried to tong your hair at home and ended up with princess ringlets, weird bends or frazzled frizz? You’re not alone. Women have been curling their hair for centuries but that’s not to say we’ve all got it nailed. There’s a bit of a knack to home heat styling, and this video will show you how to curl hair just like the professionals do. 

There’s nothing like a big and bouncy head of curls to add instant glamour to any look. Curls can make fine hair appear thicker, add bounce and body to flat roots and even disguise little colour issues like root regrowth and rogue greys. There’s a reason so many brides and birthday girls pick a curly style for their big celebration, get this right and it’s a fabulously flattering look on every face. 

Watch our video to discover how to curl your hair perfectly at home every time, using only a wand, some clips, strong hairspray and your fingers. We enlisted the help of Woman & Home reader Erika to show you the easiest way to a glamorous curly style. This salon-perfect curl is so quick and easy to achieve it may just become your go-to special occasion style. 

The way to wear curls now is looser and a little undone. Using a fat, tapered wand gives a modern relaxed look compared with slimmer tongs or rollers, while leaving the ends and roots out while tonging helps the style look cool and relaxed rather than overdone. As with so many hairstyles prep is key. Start with dry hair, ideally the day after washing so your natural oils help the look stick around. Lightly misting on a hairspray before curling also helps seal in the style, while brushing or raking through hair with your fingers afterwards creates loose, glamorous waves rather than girlish ringlets.  

Fancy giving it a try? Watch our video and learn how to curl hair today