The Best Products For Afro Hair

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  • How to wash, style and care for your natural hair with our pick of the best products on the high street

    Looking for the best products to care for and style your natural afro-textured hair? You might be surprised where you can find them these days!

    Afro hair tends to be beautifully thick, bouncy and curly, but can also dry out more easily so needs plenty of TLC. This is because natural oils find it harder to travel through a tightly coiled structure, so the ends end up lacking in essential moisture which can lead to split ends and breakage. 

    Traditionally the British high street hasn’t catered very well for natural afro hair, with many women having to visit specialist shops just to pick up essentials like shampoo and hair oils. Happily, this is starting to change, with major beauty brands and high street stores recognising the need for brilliant products for every hair type and every ethnicity – and about time too! 
    Superdrug is leading the charge on this one, expanding it’s haircare range in 100 stores to include brands like ORS, Palmers, Amla and Dark & Lovely. This follows research by ONS that found that Afro-Caribbean women spend around six times as much on their haircare and beauty than other groups, and globally the Afro-Carribean haircare market is worth over £400 million. 
    “When we see a beauty lover being under-represented on the high street we see this as an opportunity,” says Megan Potter Superdrug Head of Beauty.”We are committed to making health and beauty accessible to our customers”

    Continuing the good work, Dove’s latest haircare collection, Quench Absolute is specifically developed for coarser, curly hair types and contains super-nourishing oils to help rehydrate parched ends fast. 
    Whether your hair needs some serious hydration or you’re just looking for the best way to wash those curls without stripping them of their natural oils, the high street has you covered. Click through for our guide to the best products for afro hair on the high street today.