The Best Face Essences

Meet essence lotion, the skincare routine booster that hydrates your pores and makes your face cream work more effectively.

Like all the best cosmetic innovations – think BB creams and hydrating
sheet masks – essence lotion has come over from Asia to give your beauty
regimen a boost. To be applied after cleansing but before your face
cream, it’s designed to ready your pores for your final skincare steps
by making the products you pop over top more effective.

stuff. But what makes these sweep-on, super-charged lotions any
different from your toner or serum? The answer lies in the water-like
texture, absorbency and ingredients.

You see, unlike a toner –
which acts to balance skin’s pH or exfoliate – an essence infuses your
pores with highly absorbent hydration and nutrients. Their mission is
similar to that of a serum, though the essence’s remarkably weightless
feel makes these liquids the golden ticket for those who feel smothered
by cloying layers. Some might be indistinguishable from your tap water,
but don’t be fooled; pressed into your pores daily, you’re harnessing a
hefty reparative clout.

To make your foray into these lotions
all the easier, we’ve rounded up our pick of pore-perfecting essences,
from a newbie that is laced in oils to SK-II’s classic treatment.

DHC Resveratrol Essence, £43
If resveratrol isn?t already on your age-proofing radar, it should be. The compound is lauded for targeting the fibroblasts in skin that are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin ? plus it?s a hardy antioxidant. So, it?s hardly a wonder that DHC has harnessed it into an essence to bolster your skin?s barrier against aggressors and pump your pores with youth-boosting moisture.