7 Beauty Secrets We Learnt From Princess Diana's Make-Up Artist

Princess Diana
Princess Diana
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There's no doubt that the late Princess Diana was - and is - iconic around the world. Her style, charitable work, and the way she changed the face of the royal family have all lead to her status as one of the most loved public figures of the last century. And the Princess was also admired for flawless beauty look. Subtle and classic, it's regarded as timeless by make-up artists - and who wouldn't want to copy that?

Well, now we can. Princess Diana's former make-up artist, Mary Greenwell, has finally revealed some of the closely guarded beauty secrets of the royal icon, and you're going to want to take notes.

Collaborating with renowned make-up artist Lisa Eldridge on her Youtube channel, Mary - who regularly works with clients such as Vogue, Cate Blanchett, and model Rosie Huntington-Whitley, has laid out the tricks of the trade, describing just how she did Diana's make-up back in the day.

The pair met when Diana did her 1991 cover shoot for Vogue magazine, and Mary did her make up. She said, "That day was all about her. She was so excited."

The make-up artist shared fond memories of her times with Diana, remembering how "When I went to do her make-up, everything was always so relaxed. The kids were running around, it was just lovely."

She also revealed that having her make-up done was one of the late Princess' favourite things - as it let her take a minute away from her hectic schedule. Mary admitted "She loved having make-up put on - she said it was the one time she could really relax. She would even fall asleep!"


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So what else did we learn from Mary's expertise? Discover her little known tips and tricks for getting a make-up look as flawless as the Princess'...

1. Always apply lip-balm first, before doing anything else

Mary reveals that this is always her first go-to step, explaining, "because by the time you get to the mouth later, you don't want the mouth to be dry." Lip balm perfectly primes the lips for lipstick or gloss, so this is a good tip to keep handy.

2. Never skip a moisturising routine

In fact, Mary suggests a three-step moisturising routine to ensure your make-up stays put and looks flawless. She says, "I can't stress enough how important moisturiser is."

3. Make sure to also moisturise down your neck

Mary says, "Always go down your décolletage. It's really important, because it's part of the face - the first place you show your age is your neck." 4. Don't be scared to apply lots of skin care products before beginning your make-up

It was one of Diana's favourite things. "Princess Diana loved skin-care products, we loved talking products. I used to sometimes go to her house just to talk products! She used to call me up and say, ‘Can you come over?'"

5. Blend your eyeliner with a cotton bud When putting eyeliner on, the legendary make-up artist says that the key to applying it accurately, is to use the item everyone has in their bathroom cupboard. Mary says, "Go to the roots of the lashes very slowly with eyeliner. Then go over it with a cotton swab to blend, and keep it subtle." Mary also admitted that she was the one to move Diana away from her famous blue eyeliner saying, "I wanted to give her more of a soft eye."

6. Give your face a massage - day and night

Mary admits that this is a lovely treat we should all be giving ourselves every day - without exception. Run your hands and fingers over your face, gently, to wake up the skin and get blood flowing to your cheeks, for a rosy glow.

7. Only use a tiny bit of concealer

Mary says that when applying make-up to Diana, she wouldn't have put on too many layers of make-up, as her skin was so naturally flawless. However, she does advise only applying a small bit of concealer to spots and blemishes. But Mary did reveal that Diana loved having a sun tan, saying "She never wanted to look too pale." So Mary would also make sure to put some bronzer and highlight on her cheeks and around her hairline.

Watch the full video here...


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