The £42 facial oil the Duchess of Cambridge relied on during her hospital stay

The Duchess of Cambridge rarely steps out of the house looking anything less than flawless.

And amazingly, no where was that more apparent than when the royal stepped out to greet the world's press, outside of St. Mary's Hospital in London, just hours after welcoming her baby son.

Fans around the world were floored by the Duchess of Cambridge's gorgeous post-labour appearance. And it's hard to deny that the royal looked preened to perfection, so soon after giving birth!

So just how did she do it? Of course, Catherine likely had a team of expert make-up artists on hand to help her out before leaving the hospital. But you don't get skin quite as flawless as the Duchess', without an expert skincare routine and some reliable go-to products.

And it turns out, one of Catherine's go-to products for helping her skin look as good as possible, is a as simple as a night-time facial oil. Reportedly, the royal relies on the Beauty Sleep Elixir Facial Oil from all-natural organic skincare brand Beuti Skincare - says the brand themselves.

And it's alleged that the Duchess could well have used the oil during her hospital stint on Monday, to help her feel as confident as possible in her skin before greeting the world's press. We're sold!

The facial serum contains a mix of natural plant oils, including Lavender, Geranium and Neroli, all of which are said to give your skin a gorgeously healthy glow.

Buy the Beauty Sleep Elixir here, £42

The product also has contains cherry oils, which, in the skincare world, are said to help dissipate inflammation and acne - explaining Catherine' crystal-clear skin.

The facial oil also helps to combat facial dryness, which is said to be a common concern of women who have recently welcomed a newborn baby. So it's no wonder that Catherine relies on the all-rounder product.

The elixir contains all natural products, so the names on the bottles will all be ones you recognise - no complicated, tounge-twisting ingredients here!

Simply pop the product onto your face at night, and leave your skin to absorb all of it's goodness.

But the best part is, this royal-approved elixir won't break the bank either. The oil sells for just £42 from Beuti Skincare, which ships worldwide. We'd say that's worth it for skin that looks like Catherine's, right?

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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