Jo Loves launches 'innovative' perfume paintbrush

Jo Malone paintbrush

Spritzing your favourite perfume over your body has become so 2016.

Now there's a new innovative way to apply your favourite scent - thanks to Jo Loves' A Frangrance Paintbrush.

A ‘first-of-its-kind innovation', the paintbrush lets you literally paint your favourite Jo Loves scent onto your body, and what's even better is that it will only set you back a rather affordable £40.

According to Jo Malone herself, she started using a paintbrush as part of the brand's ‘fragrance tapas' experience and was inspired to change how consumers applied scent.

Boasting a new gel formula, which took three years to develop, your fragrance of choice will dry in just seconds.

"It was a crazy idea, but something caught my imagination and so the journey began," says Malone.

"Dozens of formulations and countless trials followed, until finally everything came together; from the newly formulated gel cologne, which holds the fragrance and dries in seconds, to the travel size brush that can go anywhere and everywhere with you," she added.

There are four scents to choose from; refreshing and energising Pomelo, which is fast becoming a cult classic. This mouthwatering citrus is Jo's signature scent.

White Rose and Lemon Leaves, which boasts subtle strands of citrus and the softest cedarwood.

Red Truffle 21, White Rose & Lemon Leaves, Green Orange & Corriander and Pomelo are the four fragrances available

Green Orange & Coriander, a blend of bitter green citrus and culinary herbs, andRed Truffle 21, which pairs this rare culinary delicacy with fresh, green fig and bitter citrus to create a confident and contemporary new classic.

Compared to other Jo Malone scents, the £40 price tag is almost half of what you could pay, with her Lime Basil and Mandarin cologne costing £88.

It was recently revealed that high street favourite Superdrug have turned their hand to producing cheaper look-a-like products of Jo Malone's popular range.

Shoppers will soon be able to get their hands on the retailers‘Bloom' perfume range, which has been touted as strikingly similar to Jo Malone's perfume range. Included within the range is a Mandarin and Lime Basil scent, which is said to smell just like Jo Malone's Lime Basil and Mandarin cologne.And the best news? A 50ml of the scent at Superdrug will set you back just £5.

You can shop Jo's latest innovationHERE.

Now you just need to decide which frangrance to choose...

Aleesha Badkar
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