How To Cheat An Airbrushed Complexion

Introducing the best blur creams with benefits for flawless skin.

The new generation of blurring creams has come at just the right moment. As the no makeup makeup trend calls for flawless skin that’s innately natural looking, bases that lend a fresh, airbrushed effect sans tide lines are the order of the day.

And, like every category in the beauty world, the market’s offering of blurring products has vastly improved in recent years with the addition of bonus benefits. Today, you don’t simply reap the line-shrinking, pore-tightening rewards of blurring particles – sun protection, hydration and colour correction can be thrown into the mix, as well.

The result is souped-up primers that create a poreless canvas to anchor makeup, SPFs that perfect as they protect and swipe-on blur pencils you can dab over your base. Soft-focus technology has even been blended with pigments to create a world-first blurring foundation, which smoothes out the surface of skin while concealing blemishes.

The question is, which blurring cream will be boosting your flawless skin beauty routine? Click through for our edit of the most effective…

Niod Photography Fluid Opacity 12%, £20Makeup that mimics the effects of flattering photo filters is gaining traction for good reason; it helps you cheat skin that looks airbrushed away from the camera. Niod’s Photography Fluid is one of the big players in this new sector, thanks to a fusion of hue correctors and prismatic and blurring particles.

Said particles refract redness and create more angular shadows, which counteract the rounding of faces caused by a typical camera lens. In photos, skin appears contoured with a cinematic tone. Off lens, radiance and a smoothing of the skin’s surface make this fluid a hardy glow-giver.