How To Apply Makeup At Any Age

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  • Knock years off your look with these simple makeup tips

    You probably first learned how to apply make-up many years ago, but the fact is that as we age and our skin tone, colouring and personal style changes, many of us don’t realise that we need to update our beauty routine.

    That’s because the old tips and tricks that used to work a couple of years ago will often have the opposite desired effect now. For example, applying mascara on the lower lashes or opting for a bold shade of lipstick is an easy go-to look for many women, but it actually does you no favours as you get older, and instead simply highlights crows feet and thinning lips.

    But don’t fret, there’s no need to throw out all your favourite beauty products or resort to boring and uninspired make-up looks. Instead, it’s just about learning how to apply make-up in a way that will be most flattering for maturing skin.

    We’ve rounded up the eleven most common beauty mistakes that women make and some easy, no-fuss solutions and products that will help you look and feel your absolute best. You won’t believe how just a few simple tweaks can refresh your whole look!The first mistake is dulling your smile with whitening toothpaste. Whilst deep pigmented lipsticks can highlight stained teeth, whitening toothpaste is not the answer. Instead invest in Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor Lip Gloss, £22.

    Don’t let the colour scare you, laced with optical brighteners this iridescent navy blue lip gloss instantly changes to a rosy pink on contact with your skin. The custom hue magically warms your complexion creating the appearance of whiter teeth. A healthy alternative to whitening toothpastes which can strip precious enamel and rapidly age your smile.