Top 10 Sea Salt Hair Sprays

Whether you're looking to tame your curls or add texture to straight hair, salt sprays are a must have for perfect holiday hair...

Summer hair can be tricky. That effortless beachy look which somehow escapes frizz but has natural body is hard to cultivate.

many hours spent melting in front of the mirror trying to craft the
perfect care-free wave with a curling wand, we decided it was time to
try something new.

Sea salt sprays are the new faff-free route to
textured tresses. Their ability to boost volume within minutes has made
them a staple product at fashion week when catwalk ready hair is
necessary and time is limited.

Top tip: For natural body spritz
the ends, then scrunch your hair in your fist and hold for 10 seconds.
When you release you’ll be left with natural curves that hold all day.

help you choose the salt spray that’s right for your, we’ve picked out
ten of the best. From pharmacy favourites to salon elites, we’ve got you
and your beauty budget covered…