This Is The Hair Product Catherine Uses For Taming Her Curls - And It Costs Just £12

The Duchess of Cambridge's gorgeous flowing hair has long been the subject of much fascination amongst royal fans, and the general public.

Like her stunning wardrobe, royal watchers have always been keen to find out her to imitate the thick glossy locks, and achieve her hair's healthy look.

But until now, the secrets to achieving Catherine's hair-style have generally been kept firmly under wraps.

However, her hairdresser, James Pryce has revealed one product he loves to use on the Duchess - and luckily for us, it costs just £12.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, the hair expert reveals that he loves Redken's Curvaceous Full Curl Cream Serum for the royal's hair.

Buy Redken's Curvaceous Full Curl Cream Serum here, £12.70

The product is used to maintain volume and curls, while still tackling frizz and humidity. So it's no wonder that James relies on the wonder-product for Catherine's locks, given how often she's required to head out on royal visits looking her best.

The product is available on LookFantastic for just £12.70, where customers have praised it for taming their curly hair.

One wrote, 'This product really helps define and hold the curls, can't imagine life without it anymore.'


While another agreed, 'This product is perfect for long curly hair. You dont get the sticky feeling at all.'

James, who styled Catherine's hair on her wedding day to William, has been a trusted hairdresser for the Middleton family for some years.

He's previously shared that it was in fact Carole, the Duchess' mother, who first approached him to help her out with her hair.

In an interview with West London Living, he said, "I’d been doing Carole’s hair for a while, and she introduced me to Catherine, Mike and Pippa at the Richard Ward salon in Chelsea. And then one day, out of the blue, Carole called and asked me to do her hair for Kate’s engagement pictures. And then it all sort of snowballed.

He continued, discussing the day he did Catherine's hair for her wedding.

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James said, "The wedding day was a totally surreal experience. I got Kate ready at The Goring hotel, got driven to the Abbey, where I was the last person to enter before Kate.

"I remember a sharp intake of breath as I saw her silhouette against the abbey door, the relief of seeing how beautiful she looked was immense.

"After the wedding it was straight over to Buckingham Palace to get her ready for the balcony kiss pictures. Being there on such a big day was incredible."