Hair Perfume: The New Way To Wear Scent

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  • Make your favourite scent last twice as long with our pick of the best hair perfumes

    According to beauty professionals and backstage stylists, hair perfume is the new way to wear scent and it’s surprisingly effective. Unlike most fragrances that fade throughout the day, unless they were particularly pungent at the start, hair perfume latches onto your tresses and lasts all day. Unlike skin, the hair shaft fully absorbs scent ,but worry not these specially formulated fragrances are designed with a unique balance of conditioning oils so your hair doesn’t dry out or become greasy.

    It’s the ideal beauty buy for anyone who smokes or enjoys spending time in the kitchen and struggles with the lingering smells keep in their hair long after the meal has been served and eaten.

    As well as freshening up day old hair and releasing a gorgeous sent every time it’s caught by a breeze, hair perfume has proved itself to be multi-purpose too. Whilst researching hair fragrance we found many of them are working overtime as glossy shine boosters, dry shampoos and even body oils. There dual-purpose potential is limitless making them a star buy for holiday season.

    One of our favourites is the new Percy and Reed Eau My Goodness, £22. this dual-purpose jewel acts as the finishing step in your hair care routine, locking in optimum hydration and dazzling shine. We particularly love the airy green scent which smells like a dew-soaked lawn on a warm summers morning.

    From Chanel to L’Occitane and everything in between beauty brands are quickly expanding into the hair scent market so finding your signature fragrance among our favourite hair mists should be a cinch…