Dr Jart: The Korean beauty range with a cult following across the world (and it's available in Boots!)

It's set to be your brand new skincare obsession, even though you've probably never heard of it.

Introducing,Dr Jart+- the Korean skincare company that's taking the health and beauty world by storm.

Riding in on the wave of Korean skincare that appears to be almost everywhere at the moment, is this anti-ageing skincare brand from Seoul. Two men, a dermatologist called Dr. Sung Jae Jung, and an entrepreneur, JinWook Lee, joined forces to create Dr Jart+ in 2004, and it's been quietly simmering under our radar, perfecting complexions across Asia since then.

But now the brand is quickly gaining traction over on social media, with a huge 376k followers on their Instagram account. Up until now it's mostly been based in Asian countries and in the US, but the UK are cottoning on.

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Thanks to the UK's new-found obsession with all things Korean beauty - think sheet masks, bubble masks, and even the slice mask - Dr Jart is beginning to find its way over to UK shores - and we think you're going to loveit.But what's so great about it? And what products do you need to try?

The Dr Jart mask

The Dr Jart brand is most well known for its famous rubber masks. And while they may look terrifying, don't be scared, because they're proven to work magic on our skin.

Made up of a two part-system, you apply a serum containing seaweed and spot-busting salicylic acid to your face before applying the actual mask. You then place the squidgy rubber mask on top, leaving your skin to soak up all of the beneficial ingredients.

They also come in three options, firming, brightening, or moisturising - so you can choose which one is most beneficial for your skin.

Dr Jart mask

The brand, and the masks, has already scooped themselves a few celebrity fans over in the UK - namely, former What Not To Wear star, Trinny Woodall. The 53-year-old TV personality recently took to her Instagram to laud the benefits of the ‘Firm Lover' rubber mask, after trying it for the very first time.At £10, the masks aren't super-cheap, but are very affordable if you're looking for a special skincare treat for an evening or day out.

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But it's not only famous faces who are finding themselves taken with this new skincare trend.

Social media are users are flocking to the internet to proclaim their love for the brand, with many describing how lovely the masks and their "cooling" sensation leave their skin feeling.

The masks aren't the only covetable product from the Dr Jart range.

Dr Jart's Ceramidin cream

Dr Jart cream

Priced at £35.50 for a tube, it may seem a little pricey. But this is a highly recommended product, that could help with those anti-ageing niggles. The ceramidin in the cream is apparently responsible for plumping up your skin, so it's clearly a great option if you're looking for a way to ease the appearance of wrinkles.

It's used as an ordinary, hydrating day cream, and it's definitely won the heart of acclaimed beauty blogger Caroline Hirons. Reviewing the product on her website, she admitted 'I love this cream. So much so that I subsequently bought the entire range. And two back-ups of the cream.' Can you get a much better recommendation?

She continued to sing its praises, saying, 'The texture is reassuringly thick, but the effect on the skin is not. It's not sticky, it's not greasy, it doesn't ‘roll'. I'm currently using it on the kids as an after-sun, and they let me apply it with no complaints, which means there is no ‘sting' and no ‘smell'. It absorbs brilliantly. No matter what I am testing, this has stayed permanently on my dressing table since I bought it, hence the Hall of Fame positioning.'


Dr Jart's BB Cream

Dr Jart BB cream

Another favourite from the beauty brand is their now-famous BB cream. It's been raved about in Asia since the early 90s, and ensures you smooth skin. Plus, it contains within it an SPF30, which is only good news for those of us keen to take care of our skin.

Fans on MakeUpAlley have also lauded the products benefits too. In a review, one wrote, 'Will definitely repurchase, this is holy grail for my 41 year old, somewhat dry skin,' while another commented, 'I'm not usually a fan of BB creams but I received a full size of this in a Dr Jart holiday set. I wasn't expecting to like it- but I love it! It gives great coverage and a lovely luminous finish. Not too dewy, not too matte. It's great that it has a high SPF.'

Plus, the cream is selling at the brilliant price of £3.99 on Boots - so what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!


Dr Jart Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay

Dr Jart mask

This sells at a very reasonable £8 in Selfridges! It comes in a range of colours, including pink and green, which are meant to suit different skincare needs.

The mask is positively reviewed all over the internet, with one Amazon review reading, 'It cleans off pretty much everything on my face, like the heavy makeup, and dirt. I used it every other day to clean my face and it works for acne skin!

'I get rid of some acne by continuously using this clay. The green one is good for my oily skin, and I occasionally use the white clay when I don't have makeup on my face. Pink is recommended for people with dry skin, I only use it in winter when I feel my skin needs some moisture, it's pretty decent.'

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Similarly, on the Dr Jart Instagram account, one user commented, 'I got them in Naples last week and I'm so happy with them!'


Is Dr Jart good for acne?

Dr Jart target their products at a range of concerns and problems from blemish prone skin to signs of ageing.

With a specific section of their site focused on products that will clear skin, rebalance skin to its ideal PH and reduce oil levels without irritation or dryness, they certainly seem to have a solution for the problem.

The products are said the be great for hormonal acne - so blemishes caused by fluctuations in your hormone levels that could be caused by your menstrual cycle or menopause.

The brand itself says: "Why are Dr. Jart+’s acne skin care products the most effective for all skin types? Because these acne skin care products don’t just help clear blemishes, they target them while leaving unproblematic areas alone. The result is less breakouts, more hydration, and a rebalancing of the skin’s pH levels."

Where can I find Dr Jart in UK Stores?

So where can you get your hands on them? For the first time ever, you can buy the Dr Jart masks in the UK.Alongside all the other products in the Dr Jart range, the masks are being sold athigh-end department store Selfridges, in London and Birmingham, as well as online and at Boots.

So are you tempted to give the Dr Jart range a go? Which products will you be trying?