Don’t let lines stop you looking great!

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What would you say if there was a way to help you look the very best you can for your years?

There’s no escaping it – getting older happens to all of us. The first signs appear on our faces in our twenties, when the production of all the things that keep us looking young starts to slow down. That includes collagen and elastin, which keep skin firm; hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar that helps maintain volume in the skin; and melanin, which gives it colour.

It’s only as we get older we realise that the lifestyle choices we made when we were younger, such as smoking, sun-bathing and stress, have only exacerbated these problems.

So what can you expect as you age?

From your mid twenties to early thirties, the first tiny expression or laughter lines will have started to form around the corners of your eyes, in between your brows, across your forehead and around your lips. Sun damage hasn’t started to show yet, but now is the time to protect your face from harmful UV rays

This is the time your skin support begins to weaken. As the skin becomes thinner there’s some loss of collagen and cell turnover starts to slow down, causing it to lose its elasticity and youthful glow.

By your forties the skin renewal process slows down so much that skin will feel drier. Collagen production is in decline, meaning wrinkles and lines become more pronounced. Hands, neck and chest areas will start giving away your real age.

Fifties and beyondSkin support is now weak and unsupportive; skin around the jawline will be loose and eyelids hooded. Menopause causes decreasing oestrogen and water content, so your skin could become dehydrated and flaky.

Now imagine if there was a product that could help reduce the signs of the ageing process, without opting for drastic surgical procedures? A minimally invasive product that could diminish fine lines, plump lips and smooth deep wrinkles with very little down time. If that sounds too good to be true, look no further than Juvéderm facial fillers. By replenishing the hyaluronic acid in your skin that is lost through ageing, these fillers help gently plump and smooth the skin.

So if you really want to make a difference to your skin and achieve long-lasting results for approximately up to 18-24 months, depending on the product used, a filler like Juvéderm could be the answer you’ve been looking for. There’s no need to feel downcast about getting older when there’s an easy solution that can keep you looking the best you can for as long as possible.

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Date of preparation June 2016 (UK/0282/2016b)