The easy sign to tell if your skincare products have expired that you might be ignoring

Are you guilty of ignoring this?

sign skincare has expired
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Did you know there's a super easy to way to tell if your skincare products have expired that you might be totally overlooking?

If you're anything like us, you probably have a drawer (or two... or three) that's basically full of skincare products that are half-used. Of course, this isn't totally ideal if we're trying to be economical about our beauty purchases. On the flip side, you may be one of those people who uses only a handful of products for months, calling on your old reliables to always get the job done. 

Did you know, though, that these products may have expired and you didn't even know it?

Sad, but true. Experts from Kiehl's Skincare revealed to woman&home that there is one sign you should always look out for to see if any of your products have expired - and you could be easily missing it.

sign skincare has expired

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According to Kiehl's Skincare experts, "Products naturally degrade slowly over time even when stored correctly. Some last longer than others depending on the ingredients, preservatives in the formula and the way they’re packaged."

How do I know if my skincare products are expired?

The experts said the tell-tale sign of an expired product is if it suddenly starts making you itch when you apply it - especially if it didn't itch before. "If you’re suddenly getting itchy from a product you’ve had for a while it’s definitely time to let go and bin it," they said.

You can also search on your product for a POA (period after opening) label that will typically give you a six or twelve month warning for product expiry. 

If there's no POA and you're not sensing any itchiness, Kiehl's says to take a deep look at your product if you're suspicious it may be expired. 

Check for:

  1. The smell - is it funky?
  2. Is the colour different?
  3. Has the texture become different?
  4. Has the product separated?

If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, it's time to toss. 

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Worrying about whether you've used expired products lately? It shouldn't do much harm - but Kiehl's doesn't recommend using an expired product. 

"First up, they won’t be as effective. Active ingredients break down over time and there’s potential for chemicals to alter," they said. So for example, if you have a sunscreen that you think could be expired, it won't be effective in protectung you from the sun, causing you to get burnt. 

"Expired products will also become full of bacteria and transferring that to your skin might cause redness, a mild rash or an eye infection. Because of this, expired products need to be discarded," they said. "If you have sensitive skin, then you’ll want to be extra vigilant."

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