The essential anti-ageing beauty trick you’re probably not doing

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  • Plus four other ways to boost your self-esteem via your beauty regime…

    Want to feel more confident in an instant? Josephine Fairley, an entrepreneur, beauty expert and co-author of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, shares her five top beauty tips for feeling good – starting with the anti-ageing trick you’re probably not doing…

    1. Lavish hands with the same attention as your face

    We spend plenty of time (and money!) on anti-ageing products for our face, but our hands are just as important as they’re equally visible.

    In midlife, our trusted “beauty regime” stops doing what it once did, but we’re not sure what to change.

    With your hands, shield them from sun damage every day with a sun screen or a hand cream with SPF, and reapply after washing. Always have a tube in your handbag. Scrub your hands weekly, and slather on a rich hand cream every night.

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    2. Buy the best haircut you can afford

    Prioritise hair over clothes – you wear it every single day of your life. There are no “rules” any more – it could be a bob, a pixie cut, long – but you have to keep it in fantastic condition.

    When it comes to colour, don’t stray more than two shades from your natural colour. It won’t suit your skin tone and the upkeep will be a nightmare. If you’re covering grey, don’t go darker. One shade lighter will disguise the grey, add dimension and flatter your skin tone.

    3. Get a primer

    It can smooth the skin, blur fine lines and stops make-up vanishing – a common problem for drier, mature complexions.

    In our tests, the highest scoring primer was Guerlain Météorites Perles Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer.

    4. Get a makeover

    Before you even think about fillers, Botox or any cosmetic procedures, bear in mind that make-up applied well is miraculous. A professional who understands mature faces can tell you the latest clever diffusing products and show you the tricks for dulling skin, thinning lips and drooping eyes.

    Go into a department store beauty section and find someone behind the counter whose look you like.

    5. Get your brows done

    Having them shaped and tinted – giving your face architecture – is the most impactful thing you can do. Go to Benefit, the queens of brows. When I get mine done, I go from “Where’s Jo?” to “There’s Jo!”

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