A power boost for hair

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We often think of hair loss as something that affects men, yet a third of women in the UK aged over 40 start to notice the early signs of thinning hair.

Losing hair prematurely is often associated with the menopause. But an effective Phyto-Caffeine Complex has been discovered and developed by Dr. Wolff-Research, which protects the hair roots and can help to reduce hair loss, bringing hope to millions of women.

The background
Up until the menopause, our hair is protected by a natural balance of the female hormone oestrogen and the male hormone testosterone. But as we age, our oestrogen levels drop, which can cause a number of symptoms including thinning and hair loss.

How does it affect us?
Thinning hair can have a devastating effect on confidence and self-esteem, with women in their 40s feeling far more worried about hair loss than women of 60-plus. A study of 2,000 UK adults carried out by Dr. Wolff revealed 34 per cent of women felt the worst aspect of hair loss was feeling less attractive than other women, with many being far more concerned about the perceptions of other women than the views of men. Looking older and feeling insecure were also key worries. Thankfully the range of shampoos, tonic and conditioners from Plantur 39 can make a difference to the way your hair looks and feels.

How can Plantur 39 help?
The Plantur 39 range has been formulated to harness the power of caffeine to protect and nourish hair, reducing thinning and allowing it to strengthen more effectively.

The Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine range

Phyto-Caffeine Shampoos
There are two to choose from. The caffeine in both of these shampoos penetrates the hair follicles, so allow two minutes before rinsing.

The Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for fine, brittle hair contains a balanced portion of softening agents to ensure your hair will retain its volume.

The Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for colour-treated and stressed hair with its natural wheat extracts and pro-vitamin B5 give hair smoothness and an intensive shine.

Phyto-Caffeine Tonic
This tonic is ideal if you want to strengthen your hair but prefer not to wash it every day (or need to use a shampoo other than Plantur 39 shampoos). It penetrates the hair follicle, providing protection for up to 24 hours. The tonic contains caffeine to fight the impact of testosterone, as well as niacin, zinc salts and other natural phyto-active substances that help prevent hair loss.

Phyto-Caffeine Conditioners
Frequent hair-washing stresses the surface of the hair. As a result, hair can lose its shine and become difficult to comb. These conditioners contain a nourishing caffeine ‘buffer’ that prevents the Phyto-Caffeine Complex from being rinsed out. The Plantur 39 Conditioner for fine, brittle hair contains white tea, corn and wheat to help increase the hair’s surface strength.

If you’re aged 40-plus and have previously used colourants on your hair, choose the Plantur 39 Conditioner for coloured and stressed hair. It contains active avocado components to help regenerate the hair surface and increase shine.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Go to the website plantur39.co.uk. You can purchase the range of Plantur 39 products at selected Boots, leading supermarkets, pharmacies and online at amazon.co.uk.