The Aldi Hot Tub That Keeps Selling Out

That’s right, you can now pick up a hot tub with your weekly shop at Aldi. Much fuss has been made of the Intex 120 Air Jet Spa Pool Hot Tub that was released online on Thursday and promptly sold out.

Shoppers that went online to bag a bargain before the inflatable hot tub arrived in store were delighted to find that it was actually being sold for £299 not £399 as originally expected, saving them a further 25%.

The 795-litre Spa Pool features 120 powerful air jets and a 2200W heater, complete with a secure insulating cover to keep heating costs low – Aldi claim it will cost between £1 and £1.50 to run each day that it’s in use.

A similar Intex style of the same size, with the same number of jets is selling on Amazon for £599.

The best bit of news? It goes on sale TODAY Sunday 9th April in-store. Aldi haven’t released a specific list of how many hot tubs will be released or where they will be distributed but they are expected to be available up and down the country.

The hot tub comes a couple of weeks after shoppers rushed out to buy a range of Aldi candles that were being sold for £3.99, £40 cheaper than the Jo Malone versions they were inspired by. Unlike most Aldi special buys that are gone once they sell out, the candles were restocked several times both online and in store, meaning that many managed to purchase at least one candle from the collection of three.

We advise getting to the store early but also intermittently checking online, just in case.

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