Queen breaks royal protocol for this sweet moment with fan


On Wednesday, the Queen attended her final garden party of the season at Buckingham Palace.

The event, which saw the arrival ofPrincess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, was attended by a huge 8,000 members of the public, all there as a symbol of recognition of their contributions to society.

And out of the thousands of attendees, one was lucky enough to get some face-time with the Queen herself.

Laura-Ann, who accompanied her mother to the Buckingham Palace reception, shared a brilliant video on her Instagram of the moment the Queen broke with her normal walk to stop and chat with her.

After first arriving at a garden party, the Queen normally walks down a procession lined with her visitors - and normally, does not stop to greet guests at this point.

But when Laura-Ann presented her with some beautiful flowers, she couldn't resist pausing to take them and thank her.

The video shows the moment Laura-Ann offered the bouquet out to the Queen, saying, "Your Majesty, I've got some flowers for you".

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After seeing them, the monarch replied, "Those look very nice, thank you."

Laura then replied, "You look beautiful in pink today, have a lovely tea," to which the Queen responded, "Thank you very much", before handing the flowers over to her lady-in-waiting.

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Clearly thrilled, Laura couldn't resist sharing a big grin to the camera, with guests around her congratulating her for the lovely meeting.

Moments later, the Queen's lady-in-waiting came up to Laura-Ann to explain why the monarch had handed over the flowers, saying, "It's easier for me to carry them, and then the Queen can have them when we get indoors."

In the comments, Laura-Ann revealed to a follower that she was told by security that the Queen wouldn't stop, making her chat with the monarch all the more special!

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Later on in the short video, a man who was part of the Queen's party kindly came up to Laura saying, "Good for you, well done! I hope it's all been recorded."

What a brilliant moment!

But this isn't Laura-Ann's first run in with the royals. In the past, the big royal fan has also handed Meghan Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge flowers at various royal engagements too.

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