The unexpected reason Lorraine Kelly had to miss her show this morning

Lorraine Kelly was unexpectedly missing from Thursday's episode of her morning ITV show, drafting in Christine Lampard to cover her absence.

But luckily, the 58-year-old was on hand via a live link, to explain to fans why she wasn't there.

And it seems Lorraine had a very good - albeit unexpected - reason for missing the programme.

She explained that she was actually at Edinburgh Napier University, to receive an honorary doctorate from the university.

The popular presenter was awaiting the graduation ceremony, where she would recieve her doctorate among hundreds of other happy graduates.

Speaking to Christine Lampard, Lorraine explained that the university has a special connection to her daughter, as it's where she picked up her own degree in journalism back in 2016.

She said, "Oh it's so exciting. Two years ago, I was in this very hall, and I was watching my Rosie do it."

Lorraine continued, "They've given me an honorary degree. So I'm going to get an honorary degree today, and we've also got all of the students and their proud parents, and families, and it's just going to be fantastic.

"I didn't go to university. I went straight from school to work in a local newspaper, so I never got the chance to go to university.

"So this really means a lot, and especially as it's where Rosie went and where Rosie studied journalism. So I'm following in her footsteps, and I'm very proud to be doing so."

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An honorary degree is usually given as a way of honouring a distinguished persons contribution to a certain field. They usually don't require the person to have completed the normal requirements for a degree - such as passing exams or completing a dissertation.

So it's likely that Lorraine has bagged herself the prestigious honour with her undeniably impressive contributions to the world of media and journalism - well done Lorraine!

A range of other famous faces have also won themselves the degrees in the past. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has amassed a huge seven honorary degrees from universities both in the UK and in the US.

Billy Connolly, Jeremy Clarkson, and Julie Andrew have also recieved honorary doctorates too.

In fact, members of the royal family are also amongst those who have won themselves the impressive accolade.

In 2013, Prince Charles was given an honorary degree in forestry, from the Forest Research Institute in India. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II was also given an honorary bachelor of music from the University of London, back in 1946.

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