Ruth Langsford admits she compares herself to other women as she opens up about body insecurities: 'I can't help myself'

Ruth Langsford

Ruth Langsford has opened up about her body insecurities in a candid confession on Loose Women.

The 59-year-old presenter confessed to the rest of the panel that she still gets hung up on her body image and recently while on holiday starting comparing herself to a girl who looked like she was in her 20s.

The Loose Women, including Janet Street Porter, Coleen Nolan and Brenda Edwards were chatting about the first episode of Love Island and the young contestants’ ‘air brushed bodies’.

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Ruth, who is married to her co-presenter on This Morning, Eamonn Holmes, admitted, "I know I shouldn't, and I know we talk about it on here all the time, and we did our amazing body stories campaign that we should all embrace our bodies, because I know I'm nearly 60, I should know better but I can't help myself."

She then opened up about her recent holiday to Tenerife with Eamonn, and how she couldn't help but compare herself to other women around the pool.

Ruth explained, "When we were away at Easter I was looking at a woman, who was probably 22, she looked amazing and I'm there acting really jealous.

"I thought: 'What are you doing? Why are you comparing yourself?' But I'm being absolutely honest, I do."

We think you look fabulous Ruth!

Fellow presenter Janet Street-Porter shared her opinion too, admitting in true Janet style that she couldn't care less about how she looks.

She said, "Don't hold them [Love Island stars] up as normal. I went swimming, yesterday, in the English channel, and I put on my swimsuit on and I just think, 'Here you go, 72. This is what it looks like.

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"I like my body and I still like my body." Hear, hear, Janet!

Meanwhile Ruth also revealed she suffered a nasty fall while out at the Epson Derby Races last week.

She shared photos of her injury on Instagram, where she’d taken a close-up photograph of her badly bruised and scratched knees.

The post read, ‘’So….wonderful day at the Derby until I fell over on my way out! Ouch! Before you ask…I WASN’T drunk!! #fallingover #embarrassing.

We've all been there Ruth!

Words by: Hayley Coyle

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