12 of the best fiction books to read in 2021—from ghost tales to love stories

These are the best fiction books to put on your must-read list...

Best fiction books selection
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The best fiction books offer a fantastic way to unwind—giving us a chance to lose ourselves in a new story every time. Who doesn't love diving into an imagined world for an afternoon? 

While we love reading about the lives of real people in non-fiction books, there's something special about exploring a fictional world on your own. With the best fiction books, you can bring the world inside the book to life in your own head—and for a short time, you have an escape to hand just the turn of a page away.

So whenever we can steal away some time to read, you can bet we'll be diving into some of the best fiction books around. And these titles all offer that irresistible blend of believable characters, compulsive plot, diverting dialogue, and exquisite prose.

There’s so much to choose from in the below list that there's something for every reader. Whether you’re looking for one of the best romance books to fill the hole Normal People left behind, seeking adventure in the grimy depths of Soho, feeling brave enough to lose yourself in a ghostly tale, or yearning for a book that will wring out your heart, there will be a title on this 2021 list for you. The only difficult decision facing you now is which of these best fiction books to read first. So grab a book or eReader, and dive in...

The best fiction books to read in 2021

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