This Oral-B deal has saved me £305 – and the duo set hopefully means I never have to charge my own toothbrush again

This Oral-B deal is too good to miss if you're a couple, especially if you can't get an appointment with your dentist right now...

Oral-B deal
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This Oral-B deal is so amazing that, even though I am often sent free electric toothbrushes to review, I've still just paid for this double deal. That's because £144.99 is such a great deal for one Oral-B Genius 9900 toothbrush, yet this offer means you actually get two. Amazing! But the price wasn't the main reason I clicked "buy" so quickly. You see, between us, with a shared charging case, this means I no longer have to worry about charging my own toothbrush. Phew.

Let me explain, as I realise it may sound a bit odd. But when it comes to charging anything, such as my iPhone or toothbrush, I'm a little lazy. I don't mean to be, but I often forget until it's too late and everything shuts down. My partner, on the other hand, loves making sure everything in the house is fully charged. So, my reckoning is, if we have a couple's toothbrush set like this one, he'll (hopefully) take on the role of Head Charger. Well, I can hope, anyway.

Plus, I don't know about you, but I'm finding it really hard to see my dentist. We haven't had a falling out, but non essential appointments seem harder to come by than a Christmas supermarket delivery slot right now. And, even if you do get to see a hygienist, many can't use their usual high-tech tools due to Covid risks so have to clean your teeth the manual way.

So, if you're looking for a Christmas gift for a couple you know, or just for yourself and your partner, then this is it. Oral-B is a great brand to invest in when it comes to healthy teeth and gums. Plus, the Genius 9900 has lots of great features, such as six brushing modes including deep clean, sensitive and whitening.

Here's the deal in full:

I've had my current electric toothbrush for a couple of years now and it's definitely not as good as it used to be. Just like a smartphone, the charge has depleted over time and it only lasts a few goes before it needs re-charging. This Oral-B deal will hopefully change all that - the battery on the Genius 9900 lasts for a couple of weeks.

Already signed up for Amazon Prime? Then you'll get free delivery, too. Just hurry, this amazing offer is only around for a short time, as part of Amazon's last-minute Christmas deals.

Here's to a great Christmas and sparkling teeth in 2021...

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